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Ms. Anne Rothe was appointed Director of KBPS in May 2018, but she has been part of the school for many years. After having been a parent at KBPS for seven years, Ms. Anne Rothe formally joined the faculty in 2008 as a Pre-K 3 teacher and then served as the school’s lead Kindergarten teacher for six years. Starting in the Fall of 2015, Ms. Anne spent two years teaching at St. Philip’s Episcopal School in Coral Gables before coming back to KBPS.


At KBPS, Ms. Anne founded an important feature of the outstanding educational experience offered by the school, the Outdoor Education program. This program encourages curiosity, supports our Creative Curriculum and lays the foundation for Environmental Responsibility.


She developed the School Garden and introduced the activity rich ‘Outdoor Classroom’ concept through which the school qualified to participate in the country-wide Dream in Green’s ‘Green Schools Challenge’, the internationally known ‘Fairchild Challenge’ and locally in the 'Key Challenge' organized by the Key Biscayne Community Foundation’s Citizen Scientist Project. 

From these challenges, the school and students have won over 25 awards which are a great source of pride to KBPS students, parents and faculty alike. 

Ms. Anne comes to the field of education through her experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her work with families and children developed her appreciation for the importance of early childhood education. She graduated from Connecticut College with a B.A. in History and then obtained a Masters in Social Work at Bryn Mawr College near Philadelphia.


Ms. Anne returned home to be close to her parents and worked as a Social Worker on the Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital. There, she met her husband, Eugenio Rothe, a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist now on faculty at FIU's Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. Ms. Anne then joined the interdisciplinary team at the Child Development Center in South Miami Hospital as the team’s Social Worker. During this time, she worked with children experiencing developmental delays and their families. She remained at South Miami Hospital for many years until she and Eugenio decided that she would stay home with their children, Galicia and Miguel. 


“During the years that I was home with our children, I developed wonderful relationships with their teachers both at KBPS and later at the Key Biscayne K-8 Center. Teachers impact children’s lives in ways we can not anticipate. I knew then that I wanted to be a part of that. My goal is to support the teachers and the families at KBPS by offering our students the most rewarding experience presently available. I firmly believe that what children need at a young age is to be taught how to be curious and how to think. The best minds in education these days understand that we do not know what careers await the children of this generation. Our responsibility as teachers is to provide them with the ability to be critical thinkers and problem-solvers. At KBPS, we will continue to strive to give them the building blocks for that kind of learning.”

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