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Our Academics

At KBPS we believe in educating the whole child:
cognitively, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Research shows that children learn best through play and hands-on experiences, therefore, we utilize the creative curriculum to prepare our students to become lifelong learners. 

The Creative Curriculum allows for Language Arts skills to be developed through creative means such as exploration, group projects and teacher guidance. Kindergarten utilizes Super Kids for Reading Curriculum. 


Students in PreK2 - PreK4 are introduced to writing through the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, a fun and engaging method to help children master handwriting. 


PreK classes develop math skills through sorting, counting and measuring. Kindergarten students utilizes the Singapore Math Curriculum, which ranks 1st in international math comparisons.

Environmental Education

Our environmental teaching approach encourages curiosity, supports our Creative Curriculum and lays the foundation for Environmental Responsibility. The outdoor education connects the children to the world they see every day, helping them experience a sense of wonder that cannot be found on a worksheet or coloring page.

Art Education

Our Resident Artist integrates Environmental lessons with art principles by guiding students through the creative process. Student artwork has won awards at The Fairchild Challenge, The Key Challenge and students have been featured at an Art Basel pop-up gallery.

Music Education

Students learn the basics of melody, sounds and rhythm in Music Class once per week. Music classes are guided by our Music Teacher, Ms. Mariela.


Kindergarten students learn spatial awareness and photography skills using professional equipment in a weekly photography class.  


Gardening is a very important activity in our school, that helps develop gross and fine motor skills. While planting and watering, children practice locomotor skills, body management skills and object control skills.  


During weekly Chapel time students engage in singing and dancing while learning important character lessons from The Bible. Interactive Bible stories teach students the value of loving God and loving others. 

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