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Art Class

Our students receive Art Class with our Resident Artist, Kim Rizio. Student artwork is exhibited around school and our student's have won awards for their creations at The Key Challenge. 



The entire school gathers for Chapel on Wednesday mornings. This is a time to joyfully be together to sing, pray, and listen to a Bible story. These stories are planned so that the main idea of each can easily be integrated into the learning opportunities for the week.


Image by Mike Hindle

Although music is an integrated part of any early childhood education program, all of our students also receive a weekly Music class with a visiting musician who introduces the children to a variety of songs, instruments, rhythms, and styles while offering opportunities to develop listening skills and gross motor development.




Our Kindergarten and First-grade students receive photography classes, which allow them to develop their creativity and close observation skills. Learning techniques such as framing, lighting, color, motion, and composition help them develop their individual style.




Our PK 4 through First-grade students enjoy the opportunity to explore a wide variety of STEM materials during the weekly Builders Club class. These materials allow for developing problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking, and other important cognitive and social-emotional skills.

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