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Meet our Staff

Ms. Anne-2.jpg
Anne Rothe


Copy of Sonia Sanchez.jpg
Sonia Sanchez

Toddlers Teacher

Copy of Gabriela Palacios.jpg
Gaby Palacios

PK2 Teacher

Copy of Claudia del Aguila.jpg
Claudia Del Aguila

PK2 Teacher

Copy of Jessica Pooley.jpg
Jessica Pooley

PK2 Teacher

Copy of Sigrun Kristinsdottir.jpg
Sigrun Hernandez

Officer Manager

Copy of Christine Lima.jpg
Christine Lima

Toddlers Assistant

Copy of Amani Gil.jpg
Amani Gil

PK2 Assistant

Copy of Miluhska Vargas.jpg
Miluhska Vargas 

PK2 Assistant


PK2 Assistant

Copy of Adriana Flores-1.jpg
Adriana Flores

PK2 Teacher

Copy of Natalia Tirado.jpg
Naty Tirado

PK3 Teacher

Copy of Jeannetthe Arias.jpg
Jeannetthe Arias

PK3 Teacher

Copy of Nicole Andrade.jpg
Nicole Andrade

PK3 Teacher

Copy of Ines Rodriguez.jpg
Ines Vasquez

PK3 Teacher

Vicky Lovera-1.jpg
Victoria Lovera

PK4 Teacher

Copy of Evelyn Saldana.jpg
Evelyn Saldana

PK2 Assistant

Copy of Valeria Sanchez.jpg
Valeria Sanchez

PK3 Assistant

Copy of Estela Bethencourt.jpg
Estela Bethencourt

PK3 Assistant

Copy of Carolina Leon.jpg
Carolina Leon

PK3 Assistant

Copy of IMG_8921.jpg
Maria F. Muñoz

PK3 Assistant

Copy of Elena Gais.jpg
Elena Gais

PK4 Assistant

Copy of Rosana Rubod.jpg
Rosana Rubod

PK4 Teacher

Copy of Jackie McCubbin.jpg
Jackie McCubbin

PK4 Teacher

Copy of Defne Timurkan.jpg
Defne Timurkan

Kindergarten Teacher


Copy of Marcella Yanes.jpg
Marcela Yañes

PK4 Assistant

Copy of Popi Hafner.jpg
Popi Hafner

PK4 Assistant

Copy of Noel Janzen.jpg
Noel Janzen

Kindergarten Assistant

Copy of Tonya Pacanins.jpg
Tonya Pacanins

1st Grade Teacher

Sandra Nicholls.jpg
Sandra Nicholls

1st Grade Assistant

Spanish Teacher

Copy of Veronica Andrade.jpg
Veronica Andrade

1st Floor Floater

Copy of Cristina Steppe.jpg
Christina Steppe

2nd Floor Floater

Copy of Martha Cadena.jpg
Martha Cadena


Copy of KIm Rizio.jpg
Kim Rizio

Art Teacher

Eve Quinly

Garden Teacher

Daniela Ingaray

Builders Teacher

Copy of Mariela Gil.jpg
Mariela Gil

Music Teacher

Catalina Lopez

P.E. Teacher

Frank Vasquez.jpg
Frank Vasquez


Maintenance Director

Copy of IMG_9205.jpg
Abraham Maiz


Copy of Maria Laura Paz.jpg
Ma. Laura Paz


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